iBudget: 5 Ways to a Beautiful Wedding on a Budget

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1. Make the Venue Meaningful:

Some hotels, ballrooms, and wedding venues are way out of the brides budget. Think of creative and meaningful alternatives, Think about venues that are outside (Usually dont have rates or fees). Lets not forget the most meaningful choices that may exude your connection, love, and story. For example, the place your first met, first restaurant, your favorite park, first vacation, or where he proposed.

2. Invite Those Who Matter:

The fewer guests you invite, the less you’ll spend on invitations, postage, rented tables and chairs, food and wedding favors. Plus, having a short guest list allows the wedding party to be more personable with their guest. Limiting your guests to family and close friends with still make your day meaningful and will cost a lot less.

3. Creative Invitations:

For invitations, save the dates and thank yous, Allow your event planner to create them for you or have a wine party that allows you and your bridal party to come together to create them. If you are technology savvy allow your event planner to create a website where people can RSVP on the site, amongst other things.

4. Dress for Less:

Figure out the ideal style of dress you want for your wedding by going to bridal boutiques and shops and trying them on. Once you figure out your ideal dress look it up on online bridal sites. When you order dresses online they tend to be cheaper. You want to make sure your order it a size too big so that you are able to add on embellishments and tailor it to your liking. You come out paying less for the dress and alterations are pretty cheap.

5. No 5 Course Meals:

Sit-down dinners are extremely expensive, so you might jettison that banquet in favor of something else. Serve a signature cocktail with a variety of appetizers so guest can mix and mingle at food stations. Plus, a wedding reception where people can get up and walk around can be more fun and feel less formal. An all-dessert reception is also very popular for late-afternoon weddings, and can feature all your favorites, from cream puffs to cheesecake.

Stay tuned for more creative ideas for events & weddings!

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