iSupport Campaign!

There are so many events, entrepreneurs, and event planners in Atlanta, GA. iBee Events wants to support other businesses, events, and young entrepreneurs in Georgia. We are starting a iSupport Campaign that is geared towards showing our followers and iBee lovers who we support in our community.

This campaign will include a monthly blog post of an event that we sponsored, supported, or assisted with.

"I want my fellow entrepreneurs in my community to know that this is not a competition. There is enough room for everyone at the top. I want to highlight the good work that others do. Its not just about my business. So this column will showcase others great acheivements and hard work." Stated Owner, Brittany Bowens

In need of sponsorship or event services for your next event please email us at!

The first iSupport post will be up April 13, 2015! To keep up with local events and our clients please make sure you are subscribed to our website and following us on social media.

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